Christine Le | Le Lux

Hi, my name is Christine Lé-Terrado,
owner & founder of LéLux Beauty & Academy.

I am not only a Master PMU Artist & Educator but also a Mom & Wife.

I started my journey in the PMU industry in 2018, when I left my career as a Realtor to fulfill my passion in beauty. Although some people in my life was against it and advised me not to go that route, deep down, I knew this is what I wanted to do and had faith in my decision. I knew this decision meant I had to make sacrifices to achieve my goal and work hard to get the success that I want.

I invested most of my savings into several 3 day training courses (over 12k) leaving me with little funds until I started seeing clients.

You’re probably wondering.. why attend so many training courses??

Just taking one, 3 day course does not cover everything you need to know about Permanent Make-Up, every trainer specializes in something different, from mapping & shaping to color theory and different techniques as well. With no background in business or marketing I had to quickly learn how to market my services and gain new clientele, through trial & error and attending business & marketing courses I was able to gain 5-10 new clients, weekly.

During my 4+ years in the industry I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in running a successful business in the PMU Industry.

I started training from 2019-early 2022, conducting 3 day training courses. Although I put my heart & soul into training my students, I realized 3 day training courses was not enough for a beginner to learn everything I had to offer.

In September of 2022 I invested in a coach to elevate myself as an Educator so that I could provide the best education for my students. I have spent months creating a Coaching Program for those who are sick & tired of their 9-5 job, ready to invest in themselves and make a 6 figure income in the Permanent Make-Up Industry.

My program covers everything you need to know, from running a successful business to offering luxury PMU services.

I launched my Coaching Program in January of 2023 and have had amazing positive feedback from my current group of 10 students!

I am so proud and happy with what I have created and would love to share more details on what my program has to offer.

So.. If you are done with working for someone else and you are interested in starting your own business in the PMU Industry, click below for more details.

Cheers to financial freedom!

Are you interested in what my program has to offer?