in-person Training

All training classes are great for both beginners and advanced artists. Students will receive hands on practice as well as visual learning. Classes are meticulously planned out step-by-step so that students can have a thorough understanding of cosmetic tattooing.

In depth training on brow mapping & shaping, machine handling, color theory/color matching, skin anatomy, consultations, tips & tricks and so much more! Students will get to have 1 on 1 time with our master trainer, where she will help you improve your technique.


Not only will you get thorough training on your craft but also social media marketing to jumpstart your business.


Learn how to take eye catching photos and editing skills to showcase your work.


Students will receive a certificate of completion and receive lifetime support.

Live Demo

Students will watch a live demonstration done by our master trainer and have the option to work on a live model at an additional cost.

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Thank You Sooo much for your patience, knowledge and for working with my schedule. you answered each and every question I had and took your time teaching. You're also awesome and fun to be around BIG PLUS!!! 😘


Best one on one training ever!! 🙌 Thank you so much for all your tips and tricks. You truly care about ur student's success, can't wait for my next class with you! 😊 ❤


I know I have said it over and over, but thank you Christine for being the best PMU-Ombre instructor I've ever had! I have done a few online an dfelt that they were all money snatchers... I've watched and seen how much work and dedication you've put into making things happen for yourself, your clients abd now students. I am grateful and honored to have been given the pportunity to train under such a precise and passionate artist. Your knowledge of the craft and skills honed through your years of practice is immensely important to you reflecting in your flawless approach to the art of permanent make-up. I have never felt so confident in my journey of becoming a permanent make-up artist until I attended your training. Your professionalism and keen attention to detail enabled you to achieve the ultimate resuts in providing the bombest eyebrows in the game! Thank you again Christine can't wait to attend another training with you in the near future! Look no further-she's super awesome!!!! 😊😊😊 💕💕🙌🙌


It was sooo good!! know why? Because it was a very personable and personalized comprehensive 2:1 training. Christine teaches in a way that is straightforward and full of helpful information and direction. @jd_brows was a great co-student and our model who got #bombbrows was also great. Boss Babes supporting #bossbabes 💝💠 🌟


You are an amazing teacher!! You covered everything answered every single one of my questions throughly and made me feel so comfortable. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. I'm excited to start growing and be as good as you one day 💗💗💗 thank you for your support, patience, kindness, EVERYTHING!Your passion to teach and the way you care for each of your students work & success is amazing and genuine, that made me love the training so much more. Again thank you for everything! I can't wait to shadow you within these couple months & Im excited to start my own journey in the PMU business ❤


I'm late on this post but this was such a fun and great experience learning to do brows! Christine was the best teacher i could've found for this!! I had the hardest time finding someone who teaches brows here in san diego and I'm so glad it turned out to be her! Thank you Christine for literally being such an amazing person while you taught me and chatted with me! You truly inspire me in every aspect of my life 😊 I'm so grateful ❤


Thank you again so much! Not only are you amazing at what you do but you have a heart of gold! I am so extremely lucky to have been taught and mentored by someone so passionate about what they do and it shows! Your encouragement is what kept me pushing these last few days when i didn't feel as though i was talented enough! Thank you for being so genuine and inclusive I am so excited to have you as a mentor and watch as you grow and learn from you! More than anything Thank you for being outside of a bomb ass brow artist your are such an amazing women and the epitome of "empowered women empower women"!


Thank you so much for everything! You're one of the main reasons i am here today! Your selflessness and drive to make sure anyone you train is successful is unmatched!


Thank you so much for everything! You're one of the main reasons i am here today! Your selflessness and drive to make sure anyone you train is successful is unmatched!


I really didn't think I'd ever get to experience what it's supposed to be like to have a good brow client. And you being on me and really watching me helped me so much! You really showed me what it means to have a truly great teacher on my side and what I'm capable of with lots of practice, hard work, and dedication. You've taken all the fear I had and brought a new positive energy to my pmu life. And I'm so happy I took your course with you! Cant get over how much knowledge, advice, & tips n tricks you had for us🙌🙌 I'm forever grateful for everything you did over the last 3 days😘

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    Gold Package

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    Silver package

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    The Premium Package Training Course includes a fully loaded kit, fit for beginner artists who are just starting their PMU Journey and for experienced artists as well. 

    We currently host our brow classes in the heart of Hillcrest, San Diego CA.

    Lelux Beauty and Academy want's all starting artists to succeed and part of doing so, we offer payment plans upon request.

    This brow course has been refined for all artists beginner and experienced. No experience is needed to be part of this class. 

    In order to ensure the success  of our Artists, we host our Brow course in person, with hands on coaching.